Monday, June 16, 2014

Bukit Broga (Dream come true)

It had been in my bucket list to go Bukit Broga but for a reason it just a dream that never come true because some reason and the nice view from up of the hill that make me want to go there. Lately my dream come true and my friend and I went to the place that i really want it is Bukit Broga, It had been the most adventure things that happen in my life in the darkness we went to hiking through unknown forest through tiny track to goes up on the hill and struggle to climb slope sandy track and it is so adventures and all the effort pay off after all the hardship to be on top of the hill the surrounding really windy and cold so relaxing and the view really beautiful. With my friend add more significant moment that i will not forget and thanks to my friend for the journey that i wait so long and it will be the memory that i will remember and stay in my mind.
(Bukit Broga) from my bucket list.